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Really? This was really posted on a site where people write about focusing on growing their net worth? And this was listed as a resource? Is this satire? Where is Ashton Kutcher? Are we being Punk'd?

I'd rather borrow from a local church, credit union, relative, credit card, or friend before I'd pay fees to a payday loan lender.

Perhaps this post should have focused on what happens if that "loan" can't be paid the first time. No problem, we'll be told. Just slap a fee on top of the fee and original loan amount. What? You don't want to do that? Take a loan from another pay day lender to pay your original debtor. Can't pay them, go to another lender with even higher fees since you've probably ruined your chances at using the lender with the "best" fees. And it keeps going from there.

1. It's an ad (hence the "ad" category and it being noted as a sponsored post at the top.)

2. This site isn't dedicated to growing your net worth. It's a carnival site.

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